1. About the Project

By Sara Alvarellos Original image of the DCDCity project by Sara Alvarellos.

The data-citizen driven city project was developed by Sara AlvarellosCésar García, Jorge Medal and Sara Thomson on September 2011. With this project, produced by a multidisciplinary team consisting of an IT System Administrator, an Industrial Designer, an Artist and an Architect, we really started considering how data can empower communities and catalyze social change. We presented The data-citizen driven city project for the 4Th ADVANCED ARCHITECTURE CONTEST “CITY-SENSE: Shaping our environment with real-time data” by The Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia on the 26Th September.

On the 5th December 2011 results where made public and we obtained an Honourable Mention. Anyway the most interesting part of The data-citizen driven city project started once the proposal was submitted. In October 2011 we presented in Madrid DCDcity in Medialab-Prado [MP] with the object of developing it in collaboration and in a practical way. We tried to focus the project on the building of a network of citizens who would gather data on air quality. For this purpose, in each Friday Open Lab in MP we have carried out workshops to enable the community to become familiar with open technologies; we have investigated about air quality sensors, data storage platforms and devices. This shared work has been published periodically on the Medialab-Prado’s wiki and has also appeared in press publications and architecture blogs.

By Sara AlvarellosImage took at the IOT Meet up in Amsterdam on the 17th December 2011.

Air Quality Enthusiasts: Community at NYC, Amsterdam, London & Madrid.
In December 2012 we became a member of the community developing the Air Quality Egg [AQE]. This project, promoted by Pachube, is aimed at developing in a collaborative, open and global way a device to measure air quality. For its development, the community is organised in encounters (lot Meetup) in New York, London, Amsterdam and Madrid.

Air Quality Egg thus becomes the first device in the DCDcity-Aire project which gathers data. In March, Air Quality Egg obtains financing for its work through a crowd-funding platform and begins to carry out workshops in London and Amsterdam for the “doityourself” building of the AQE.

Image took at the IoT Meetup of the 30th August in Madrid.

The Device Library.
The community interested in the DCDcity-Aire project in Madrid has come about through a series of meetings, workshops and debates around the application of the Internet of Things to habitable spaces and territories. We have managed to highlight citizens’ concern on air quality in Madrid.

We built ten prototypes of the AQE in MP in June. These are now part of the library of data gathering prototypes of the DCDCity group of Medialab-Prado. Every device of the library is available for free lending for fortnightly periods.

The library will allow the building of the first citizen network of air quality devices in Madrid. As a result, we will have a citizen database available to the public. The aim is to suggest possible changes in the way of living and using the city according to this new information, which may be consulted on an air quality map of Madrid.


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