2. Device Library

The Device Library is based at Medialab-Prado.  We meet up twice a month to  borrow devices and share knowledge and results from the borrow experience. The meetup’s information could be found here.

THE DEVICES must fulfill the following conditions:

  • All the devices and prototypes of the library will be Do It Yourself and the manuals for their building and assembly will be made available.
  • Translation of the building and assembly manuals into Spanish will be promoted.
  • No technical knowledge of electronics will be needed to understand them.
  • All devices will be based on open technologies.

How it works:
One can borrow a device for 15 days. The person who borrow the device undertake to gather  and document all problems related to the device function. One undertake to take care of the device and watch the data it gather and publish in and open and public platform. All reflections that are gathered during the borrow experience, will be shared during the meetups.

At this moment there are 12 AQE on the library. More devices based on Panstamp coming soon. Next, some information about the AQE:

Air Quality Egg. Version 1.0 (March 2011)

What you need to manage an AQE from the Library:

Do you have a device or a prototype you want to test?
Is it based on Open Hardware?
Do you want to share your knowledge on data gathering with others?

contact us!

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